Image to Heightmap converter

Two weeks ago I mentioned one more feature I want to add to make heightmap truly customizable — “get Heightmap from the image” function. I found the idea promising and now I want to describe the way it was implemented. Let's start from the idea I had. Currently there are 2 options for a heightmap customization: … Continue reading Image to Heightmap converter

Templates implementation and Heightmap editor UI

In one of the previous posts I covered a concept of heightmap templates. Now I want to describe how it was implemented and aligned with a new Heightmap editor. The Heightmap is a core element of the map generation and I want to give users ways to control over it. By default map is getting generated in … Continue reading Templates implementation and Heightmap editor UI


We already got scalable Voronoi graph and heightmap on it. The next step is to draw a coastline that will make the border between water a land masses clearer. The easiest way to separate land and water is just to omit the water rendering. We can set background to our svg element to represent the water and then draw … Continue reading Coastline


Now, when we got a Voronoi graph (see the previous post), we can create something resembling a map, like this "Europe...khe-khe" one above created in a two minutes. It is a pure heightmap as all the colors just represent the height of the particular polygon. It looks like a map even without coastline and rivers being drawn. So … Continue reading Heightmap