Polygonal rivers and river editor

Even I've already wrote two posts about rivers and got a positive feedback, rivers are still a weak point and need to be re-worked. First thing you notice when you start to edit maps in vector graphics editor is that rivers are just a bunch of separate curved segments with different width. I had to use this … Continue reading Polygonal rivers and river editor


The previous post was mostly devoted to the Fluvial Network calculation and rivers rendering was not covered enough. I stayed on the straightforward and even unexpected solution: draw rivers based on their length only. It’s rather elegant, but tributaries don’t increase the main stem volume and this may be a problem. In real world tributaries … Continue reading Confluences

River systems

Now it's a good time to draw some rivers. As we already have a heightmap we do not need to fabricate rivers out of nothing and will calculate river systems based on precipitation drainage. The first step is to build a precipitation model. Frankly speaking, we can omit this step and consider that each cell has the same precipitation. It will be … Continue reading River systems