Biomes generation and rendering

We have already generated and rendered a heightmap, and now it’s time to add the next map layer — vegetation map based on biomes definition. The theme is boundless, but I’m going to cover both biomes generation and rending in a single post. The first reason that I’m a bit tired of it, the second — there are already some good tutorials available. From the procedural generation perspective theme was covered by Jon GallantScott TurnerAmit Patel, Tommy Waters and Miguel Cepero. There are also a lot of materials prepared by Cartographers Guild members.

As you may notice, in all of the articles linked above biome generation is based on a the same principle. A well-known Whittaker diagram shows the distribution of vegetation types as a function of mean annual temperature and precipitation and hence very convent to use in a procedural generation. All that we need is to define precipitation and temperature for each polygon, prepare our own diagram and define the biomes based on these three components.

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Heightmap rendering

One of my first posts was devoted to a heightmap generation and now it’s time to talk about heightmap rendering. Most map generators consider heightmap as a technical thing only, but I believe it’s beautiful as is and with some improvements could be used as one of the main map layers.

As of now I’ve added 5 different heightmap styles, 2 optional features and some usable color schemes. The problem is that I need to select only one as I tend to keep things simple. I’m still at the crossroad not knowing which of the styles is the best and I hope this post and your comments will help me decide.

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