Some months ago, surfing the Internet for a good procedural map generation tutorials, I’ve found the Generating fantasy maps article by Martin O’Leary. I was so excited that decided to create my own Fantasy map generator, even I’m still a novice in programming.

Martin's map
An example map from Martin O’Leary’s map generator

Despite I was inspired by Martin’s work, my goals were not to create a book-styled map, but generate interactive maps ready to be used as a part of my Medieval Dynasty game/simulator project (still in Alpha).

Besides interactiveness, game map has to be plausible-looking, fast on generation and dragging, scalable and easy to code.

These goals predetermined the methods. I don’t want hexagons or any other regular structured map as its not plausible. I don’t want auto label-placement system as it’s too hard for me to make it fast. I don’t need sugar if it costs too much…

I’ve almost complete my generator when found a Scott Turner’s Here Dragons Abound blog. His approach was much more scientific and I really enjoyed reading him. Even I can’t reproduce the ways he plays with map graphics, I decided to continue the work on my generator and share some details you may found interesting via that blog.

80k map part
Part of the map generated by my Fantasy Map Generator

English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any errors on my part. I’m also going to share some posts to procedural generation Reddit as Scott does. Feel free to comment, I really enjoy to get feedback, remarks and even bug reports.


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi, is there a good way to be able to look at maps I’ve created before via the SVG file? I downloaded it but wasn’t able to figure out how to toggle the different toggables or zoom in. Thank you


    1. Hi! Downloaded SVG files are just regular SVGs, so you have to use vector graphics editor like Illustrator or Inkscape. Then you have to ungroup elements and move them to a specific layers


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